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Moving to Freiburg

Hello All
We are planning to make a move in February. I have certain queries and will appreciate any help:
School cut off age: Kids will be 51/2 by Aug so will they be able to get admission in local school? We don’t know any German but will try to learn some during these few months. I would be more interested in local school but also read that they are not so good and international schools would be better option? When and how they will get registered?
Curricular activities: Are there any dance or swimming lessons or any other curricular activities for kids ? Would love to have some affordable options.
Area to live in: We are planning to settle down in Freiburg for good . Also after living in rented accommodation for all these years would love to buy our own apartment asap. Vauban/ Herdern seem to be recommended ones but any other area somebody will recommend from point of view of affordability and kids. Any places which are a strict No-No?
What to bring from India: Any Indian spices or clothes which are not available or very expensive in Freiburg and I would need to bring over? I am planning to buy clothes only from Freiburg but will they be very expensive?
What type of clothing would be required like summer clothes and winter clothes as I don’t have any idea how hot or cold it gets? From my experience, I don’t trust temperature readings. Chilling winds can make winters more intolerable. We don’t want to bring too much and would be open to buy from second hand shops if there are any!!!! What will be the cheap options for shopping? Being a student area, things should not be too expensive but I read it is 3rd most expensive place in Germany?
Will our electrical appliances like TV, Oven work in Germany or I just leave them here?
I want to work too. Will daycare option for kids would be very expensive? If I work, my husband will be taxed as class 1 or class 2?
Most importantly, I am finding learning German too difficult. Nerves are getting better of me. I read the whole forum but so nervous that everything is getting over my head. Apologies for my long post. I will be grateful for any advice or links to English websites.

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