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Moving to Freiburg in the future.

My name is Jessica. I just recently found out I can get my German citizenship through descent... Needless to say very happy, and all packed in my mind. I am married with 5 children, and since the move is so expensive it will have to wait till I get some money that is coming to me(unsure how long I have to wait). I have family in the Köln area, but after researching I wasn't feeling the bigger cities in that area. I said to myself if I move I'm gonna find the best city with the feel I am looking for..after going through about 90% of city's / larger towns I came app on Freiburg..and well I knew that was it, and stopped the search. So now I am in,a holding pattern, but know there is so much to learn about... Well I have already done a ton of research, but I'm sure there's more to learn. Of course it can't hurt if I meet some new friends here first too. I'm pretty sure I got the handle(or at least I renting an apartment, buying a car, and the actual move. I still am unsure about things like the following....
1- my husband is disabled, and so is my oldest daughter ..they both receive social security.. Since when we move I will be the only official german citizen what will happen with the American s-sec, and what do they have there for both non citizens living there, and citizens?.which leads me to my next question..
2- how can my children & husband get citizenship? I will receive mine because my mother was a german citizen when I was born, but the 5 children I have obviously where not born while a german citizen. Is there a time period they have to live there first? Or once my papers are finalized here in America can they get it as well?
3- if we move there and my oldest is past the 10th grade level here what will happen in Germany? I have basic knowledge about the school system, but I read in 10th grade there things get very different then here.
More Freiburg related..
4- what's the best areas for children? I want to not have to use a car as much as I want to be able to walk with children (now) 15months Protected content . I would love to live in the Old Town part, but while looking for what's available I didn't see much. This goes for surrounding areas with a small town feel within about 20 minutes from the city.
5-what's the job market like? I am not a "professional". I worked in retail/sales for about 5 years, and after staying home with the kids for a while went back to work part time as a server at a nice restaurant which I have done for 7 years. So would you say it's easy to get a waitressing job there? I know they take careers of any kind serious there, and I read for my kind of job you need to do an apprenticeship for 3 years. Since I have worked there for 7 years will I need additional training? My company will not write references(corporate policy) I even talked to the best manager to talk to about it today, and he said he could loose his job for doing so.. All they will do is confirm my employment..will this be a problem?
That's what I got for now..
Oh since it probably applies to the answers.. I know some German already(speaking & understanding, but not so much spelling) I already am teaching my kids a word a day, plus starting next week I will be giving them Two 1 hour long classes a week. Once the learn it they must speak it in the house or with their Oma.
Any help would be great.. Danke

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