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Newby in the area looking for ExPat mentor/s (Freiburg)


Hello all, I'm new here in the Freiburg area and aside from looking for new friends and places to play music, I am also currently looking for work/further schooling opportunities and an apartment. As I write and revise my cover letters, CV, and continue looking at different apartments it would be great to have some insights into some or all of the above from a seasoned veteran expat living in DE :)

Some questions I'd love to have some further info regarding:
1. Finding an apartment without a job. I understand having a co-signer ('Buerge') is one way to do it and thankfully my gf's parents are willing to do that. Any other way to provide documentation to show financial stability/reliability as an Auslaender?
2. Freiburg area IT job postings, specifically those geared towards candidates with native English skills and/or ability to work in the US if required by the company. Is there a 'mother of all sites' site or just several that are very popular? I'm aware of and currently searching through the Jobboerse, xing, monster, cesar, stepstone, jobturbo. If there are others I'd like to hear about them.

Please feel free to reply to this post or contact me directly. Any and all info you think may be even slightly useful to me is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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