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Looking for a job in Gdansk (Gdańsk)

Greetings!My name is Cornel ,I am 25 and Ive been looking forward to move and live in Gdansk for quite a while now but I can't seem to have any luck with job applications via internet. I haven't finished college (I have only one year and a half of college) because I didn't have any money back then so I had to leave my native country (I am from Romania) and I've been working abroad ever since trying to help my family get out from financial problems. At the end of the last year I managed to finally accomplish that and now I can finally start focusing on myself.I had the pleasure of visiting Gdansk once and I pretty much fell in love with the city and I always dreamt of one day moving there.While working abroad (mainly in Czech republic) I had various jobs ,doing pretty much everything from demolition work to being an operator and having a long 2 years of experience in factories to even becoming a team leader or an assembly specialist at Panasonic in Plzen. But now I want to finally get to the city I want to live in ,get a job and a rent there and slowly get back on my track and go back to studies one day.Can someone please help me with advice or job offers in Gdansk? I am willing to work and learn pretty much everything, I just need one chance and I promise I will make the best out of it.Please, I've been asking around and sending CVs everywhere but it seems I'm not getting anywhere. Thank you all in advance for every piece of information you can give me. If anyone is interested in my resume, send me an email at Protected content and we will talk more there.Wish you all a great day!

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