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1 bedroom apartment in COPPET - 9 mins from GVA (Geneva)

I am moving out of my 1 bedroom flat in Coppet as soon as I complete a purchase of a flat in Geneva, potentially in 2 months. My apartment in Coppet will then be available. It's currently Protected content hot water. There is one bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen and toilet. The kitchen has a dishwasher. The apartment is FURNISHED and has TV. Coppet is 9 mins from GVA by train and a nice quiet little town with a fews bars and restaurants and shops. There are local shops - b akers open at 6.30 am for example. It is also 5 km from France, and 6 to the nearest French supermarket. French supermarkets are open in the evenings! The date of moving is not exact as it depends on completing the purchase transaction in Geneva. The landlord is looking for a person "solvable" i.e. with 100k minimum income. If you'd like to view let me know. It'll have to be evening or weekend though.

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