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2015 Tax Relief (Geneva)

Hello Everyone

This year is fast approaching its end and Christmas is just around the corner. In the next few weeks it is extremely important that you look in to your annual tax deductions.

There are two things you can do before the end of the year to receive tax relief;

Pay back years in to your second pillar pension - It is likely that your employer is not paying the maximum amount which results in a shortfall. This enables you to pay the difference yourself and receive income tax relief on this amount.

Open your third pillar pension with a bank or insurance company - This is an optional pension but allows you to also receive income tax relief on Protected content annum. If you are based in Geneva you can also receive additional tax relief by using the 3B as well.

If you have accumulated capital while you have been working here in Geneva rather than receiving just 0.1% from your bank it makes sense to make the most of your tax relief for this year.

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