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a new "cool hunter" in lausanne (Geneva)


But this time only for finding a new apartment. The hardest task on my to do list.

If anybody can give me a little help, I promise (cross my heart) a good beer and a full list with the coolest places in Lausanne. And in Geneva. And in Romania. name it. And an invitation to the coolest houseworming party:-))

On a serious tone of voice, I am living in Lausanne since two years and the office des poursuites said that I am also very reliable! + the previous regie confirmed my seriosity. What else? I have the nicest dog in the world - no damages (again, the regie can confirm) and no barking. The only request I have is to be a cute, cozy apt (even though it's not too big) and to be modern, preferable. I have my own furniture.

Also, for temporary places, I am also very very interested. So if you are traveling or you have tips for finding a temporary one, pls don't keep them for yourself:).

Thank you very much!

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