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Career Women Webinar: Start 2016 Differently!! (Geneva)

Jokes Apart!! This is a clarion call to Career Women within the first 15 years of their career. Do any of these statements describe you?

- You have tried lots of things this year and yes, you made some progress but know that there can be more.

- You are tired of your Protected content but you don't know what else to do or how to launch a plan B

- You are presently overwhelmed and never seem to have energy for the things you love to do

- Your career is not progressing as you'd want and you are afraid it may be your turn to be laid off

- You've got a business idea brewing for some time and you need the inertia to launch out

Book a ticket and get on this webinar packaged just for you. It's time to set things in motion for Protected content make it your best year ever. No Games, No Gimmicks, Just Real Talk!!

Click the link to register: Protected content

I'd be waiting for you.

A Message from Fofo - The Confidence Coach For Career Women

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