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Cheap parking places 700 m away fr. Geneva Airport


Cheap Parking places near Geneva Airport (Cointrin) - Best prices of the area!

SMOOTHPARKING.CH - Rental of parkings places (with ou without shuttle) very near from Geneva Airport, Swiss side, in the area of Cointrin. (Offer from a self-employed worker, linked to relocation activities - « Smoothrelocation », website with services provided in the relocation field in the Geneva area.

DESCRIPTION: parking located on a private property, outdoor, grass, barrier and 80 cm fence. Very quiet and safe area. 2 mn by car, 6/7 mn on foot, 700m door-to-door (parking to terminal). Bus stop 250m away on the way to the airport.
SHUTTLE: optional.

Best prices of the area! Starting 4€/day (1 month and more, shuttle not included, optional)

PRICES (no charge fees. Shuttle not included, optional: 5€/one way - Max 2 passengers + luggage)
[Minimum 4 days - 4,20€/day from 29 days - 5€/day from 22 days - 6,50/€ from 15 days - 8,10€/day from 8 days)
4 days: 34 €
7 days (1 week): 60 €
10 days: 75 €
14 days (2 weeks): 95 €
18 days: Protected content
21 days (3 weeks): Protected content
28 days (4 weeks): Protected content
Long-term (>1 month): 95€/month

[Please note: as I don’t use yet any automatized booking system, I still use mails and phone.]


To make a booking and/or information request, copy and paste the following formulas and fill the requested pieces of information.

Booking and/or Information Request:

First and Last Name:
Email address:
Phone number:
Amount of vehicles:
Véhicule(s) type:
Amount of passengers (if more than 2, see note hereunder):
Amount of luggage:
Date of departure:
Time of arrival at the parking:
Date of return:
Time of return at the parking:
Information request: (= ask any question you need)

Take some time to read the instructions hereunder.

I) If you don’t need a shuttle (OR if your arrival time is before 7am or if you return time is after 10pm)
You will park by your own (parking place number, pictures of the spot and further instructions will be provided to you when the booking is confirmed), and you will pay the amount due per check in the mailbox (if you don’t have any check, we can arrange another payment method)
Return: you simply get back to the parking and leave by your own.

II) If you need a shuttle (available only from 7am to 10pm):
A) Up to 2 passengers with luggage, appointment directly at the parking (before or after you did the check-in).
B) More than 2 passengers with luggage: DROP-OFF first the passengers and luggage at the airport and go then to the parking. I will then bring back the driver to the airport.
For the return, if you also need the shuttle, call me or send me an sms when you just got your luggage and I will pick you up at at the arrival floor (Swiss side) and I will bring you back to your vehicle.
In case you would be more than 15 mn late regarding the scheduled pickup time (for example if the plane is late), I don’t guarantee the pickup.

I’ll be glad to answer any question per mail or directly on the phone.

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