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Chic Decorating Help--antique,vintage, and modern (Geneva)

Service: Help for the fashion conscious expat who wants a fabulous apartment but has left their furniture in five different cities and doesn't have the time to obsess over their apartment.

What I do: I obsess over your apartment for you! I work with you on the whole apartment or just scour stores and markets for the perfect individual pieces you need. You just show me the space and I will help you fill it.

About me: I'm an American lawyer with two children living and working in Switzerland. I love interior decorating. I moved from the East Coast two years ago and I've had a blast furnishing my large Geneva flat. I need new projects so have begun working with other people.

In my spare time, I shop for great modern, vintage, and antique finds. I adore it, have a great eye, and am good at finding practical and gorgeous solutions for decor for modern living and entertaining. I am currently working with several clients to furnish their apartments here in Geneva for reasonable prices--often less than what they would spend on their own.

Cost: Lawyer answer--it depends. But seriously, depending on your budget, you can spend less than you would at ikea. I do a lot of high and low mix.

What's next: If you are interested meeting or speaking over the phone, please let me know. I can show you photos of my rooms and pieces. I look forward to speaking with you!

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