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Conference: Feng Shui, Thursday 29.11.2018 (Geneva)

“Traditional Feng Shui, boosting your natural potential to enhance your existence.”

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Are you looking for a harmonious new place to live, somewhere you will feel supported in your existence? And what if the answer to this question lays in the quality of your environment’s energy?

Feng Shui was created in China over Protected content ago. It is an ancestral science that aims to understand and capture the positive energies in our environment, whether natural or man-made, and to harmonise them with the personal life energy of its occupants. Its benefits can improve all areas of life, from relationships and health, to careers and material resources. A rich and complex discipline, it can be applied to individuals and businesses alike. Its methods have been tried and tested over the centuries, and its reproducible effects are proven.

If you are in search of new ways to exert a real influence over your existence, this conference will show you how to take full advantage of those positive energies, by turning your own environment into a powerful ally.

During the conference, I will invite you on a journey through space and time. I will introduce you to this millennia-old language and its foundations. You will learn why some environments are more propitious than others for your personal development. You will also learn how to reconnect with your reality and give new meaning to your existence.

I am offering you the chance to find renewed hope through authentic Feng Shui!

The event is in English and is designed to serve the needs of the expat community.

Where/When? : Hôtel Cornavin, Boulevard James-Fazy 23, Protected content , Room 1, 29.11.2018, 19 : Protected content
Price : Chf 49.-
Mandatory registration : Protected content - PayPal.Me/Luckeys/49

Who am I?
A qualified expert in traditional Feng Shui, I also organize workshops and organise conferences. I am also the founder of Luckeys, a consultancy specialising in the Chinese traditional arts. I offer my private and professional clients personalised, made-to-measure solutions, in Switzerland and around the world. You might also be interested in my two other disciplines: Ba Zi for exploring your full potential, a personalised Taoist diet as a healthy, natural and enjoyable path to better eating, and Yi Jing for making enlightened choices. For more information, please contact me.

Western or “New Age” Feng Shui
There is an alternative version of Feng Shui that has become very popular in the West. It is, however, a New Age adaptation created in the United States, in the Protected content . Its commercial success lies in its intuitiveness and the application of simple, generic solutions that require no special training. It also bears the influences of colour and symbol-based psychology.

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