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Donkey wanted! (Geneva)

Dear All,

I post this for my friend Clive. Please reply directly to Protected content , and please cc to Protected content . Here's the text citation from his email:

Does anyone have a donkey for sale? Soon I will be travelling across the Himalayas on a donkey to find some of the rarest furs on earth, which can only be found on the apes living in the cold valley of Ryl in the Himalayan Mountains.
So, I am looking for anyone who can point him in the direction of a farmer willing to sell me a Swiss donkey. It does not have to be a talking donkey, but good teeth are essential. A female donkey is obviously much preferred.

The donkey I am looking for should be in good condition (no damage or scratches), four legs, and not more than 2 or 3 years old. Good teeth are essential, (Himalayan grass is not soft and juicy like ours. It is more like chewing on barbed wire). I prefer a donkey with a single careful owner like a nun.

My aim is to travel to the Himalaya mountains in Tibet. From there I will go by donkey down the Tsango Gorge in Tibet, (it is also known as the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon).

Switzerland’s donkey exports

According to the internet Swiss donkey exports are Switzerland's 21st largest export after things like chemicals, pharmaceutical products, precision machinery, tools, agricultural produce, meat, grain, dairy, beverages, beer, wine, mineral water, confectionary, chocolate, sweets, watches, clocks, and energy. Most of SwitzerlandÕs donkey exports are to Tibet and China. Donkey exports represent 0.2% of SwitzerlandÕs exports.
Please let me know if your department can find a donkey!
Thanks in advance to all!


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