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Fathers deprived of their children (Geneva)

Out there, I am sure there are many fathers in the same situation as mine, having to deal with a difficult divorce, trying to rebuild a life with someone else, continue to work, and sadly loose their children, seeing them taken away by the ex-partner for all the good, or bad reasons they may have.

My case is not unique, I know. I guess in today's world I just the new member of a large club. I have to say I have no specific reason for writing in this forum more than just speak out, take the frustration out of my chest, and maybe find others that like me are suffering the same.

Statistics want that most of fathers in this situation falls into depression, loose their job, face mental problems, drugs, alcohol, and also suicide. I don't want to be part of that, everyday I am saying to myself, "you will make it, there shall be time for reconciliation".

I wish to any of you in the same situation to never give up on yourself, don't live in hunger, don't judge, be yourself, continue to work, and live in dignity

Thank you!

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