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First Condo Unit Moving Tips (Geneva)

Moving to your first ever condo unit will definitely give you so much excitement, and your family and friends will be very happy to see your first owned place. Your mind may be full of future plans for organizing your home and buying the things that you would like to see in your unit. However, everything must be planned accordingly, don't let the feeling of over-excitement exhaust your mind.

If you're the kind of person who finds happiness in being home alone, then you're probably feeling extremely fulfilled right now because you're finally having your own space. You can now spend more time with yourself and do anything you want that makes you happy. Seeing your personalized design on your unit may also give you a sense of self-fulfillment.

The focus of this article are condominium units with small spaces, and since handling a condominium is one of the specialties of The Peterson Group, they're going to provide useful tips that can help you maximize every inch of your unit's space, as well as helpful guidelines in personalizing and designing your unit. Picturing yourself and your lifestyle within that space is a good idea to help you begin your plans.

Tip #1: Identity your lifestyle

It's only natural that you consider your lifestyle in planning the space layout of your unit. If you're the kind of person who always invite guests then you should put extra chairs or tables for them. For example, a Protected content set would be perfect for that specific need. If you prefer dual-function furniture such as a sofa bed or a Badac multi-purpose furniture, then it's a good thing because these items can save space in your new place. You can draw a simple layout of your unit so that it'll be easier for you to prioritize on which furniture piece to put on a particular space.

Tip #2: Set your budget

You must stick to your budget no matter what happen. But before that, you must know exactly how much your budget is, depending on the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your unit enhancement, decorations, etc. Think what is best for your money, so choose items that are timeless and durable.

Tip #3: Create a list of your items

Jot down everything you want to have in your unit as well as the things you already have such as existing furniture and appliances. If you want to bring those items in your new place, you should get the size and quantity of each item so that you'll have an idea whether that item will fit in your unit or not. Plan carefully on the things you wish to buy and make sure that each of which will have a place in your home.

Tip #4: Do a DIY home enhancement project

If you're confident enough to do a Do-It-Yourself home enhancement project, then you can save a lot of money while sticking to your budget because you don't need to hire a professional in installing your home improvement needs. Visit some hardware stores near you to buy some tools you'll be needing in renovating your place.

Tip #5: Create the most feasible layout

You'll probably have a lot of drafts for the layout of your unit, but that's fine because you need to come up with the most workable layout for you. You need to make sure that you'll be very comfortable in your place.

Tip #6: Dedicate a working space in your layout

You should have a corner in your unit where you can perform your urgent office tasks. Your place shouldn't be focused on your leisure activities alone, but should also be centered on your responsibilities in life as an adult.

Tip #7: Know your color and style combination

Light-colored walls are the simplest and most commonly chosen wall colors according to The Peterson Group. For small spaces, light colors are perfect because they can make space feel bigger and more open. Mirrors and light colored curtains may also do the trick. However, this is only possible if you prefer bright colors like white. You still need to choose the color that will satisfy you and make you feel relaxed.

Tip #8: Know the rules and regulations of the condominium

You must know the rules and regulations of the condominium before doing some changes on your unit. You can ask the administrators of the condominium regarding this matter. The floor plan of your major renovation project should be signed and sealed by a Licensed Interior Designer or Licensed Architect because it is often required by most condominiums nowadays. Furthermore, the admin may be needing a construction bond that is refundable after the unit renovation. If you're going to ask a furniture store to deliver your bought items to your condo unit, then you should inform them about the allotted time frame for delivery of your condominium.

Tip #9: Learn to adapt

You may not be used to city life, but The Peterson Group advise you to like this particular change in your life. You should love the new heights of your home and appreciate the tall buildings around you. Having a condo unit can bring you a lot of convenience such as having your office near you, and having restaurants, shopping malls, and hospitals within walking distance.

Tip #10: Get help from professionals

You might be needing the advice of a professional if you think there's something missing or not working out for your unit after your strenuous renovation. And if you think you can't do a DIY home enhancement project, then contact an expert beforehand so that you can save time, money and effort.

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