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Forever Young`s " Stay Forever Sexy " Discussion (Geneva)

Welcome to

Forever Young`s " Stay Forever Sexy " Discussion (Geneva)

Dr. Catherine Demetriades decided to have a regular open discussion on topics that have to do with staying young - vibrant and feeling alive !

When the weather gets more stable we can do more outdoor activities.

Subject: How to Stay Forever Sexy :-)

This will be anywhere from health - to appearance - to psychology.

Dr. Demetriades will offer her doctor/scientist/psychology skills/input and we can all have a nice discussion about it.

It will be held at: Ecole d'ingenieurs , rue de la prairie 4, Geneva.

Main Entrance - 1st Floor - Room B114

It`s less than a 5 minute walk from Cornavan Train Station Accross from Le Brasseur des Grottes where the Sunday Salsa is held.

Someone will greet people at the entrance to help you find your way.

This is absolutely free - no charge at all to come and join. Bring as many friends as you wish.

Dr. Demetriades simply wish to organize open discussions on a regular basis 2x a month for interesting subjects so she is open for suggestions and what you would like to talk about on that day.

In Honor of this month pertaining to Woman`s Day - every woman who comes to the discussion and stays till the end ( only 2 hours max ) gets a special gift from Dr. Demetriades :-)

till Tuesday March 15th @ 19:15............

Stay Amazing !

Dr. Catherine Demetriades

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