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Job Hunting Polyglot (Geneva)

Dear ladies and gentlemen
I would like to invest my skills and energy into an enterprise here in Geneva. Job hunting at this time, I have a number of skills to offer, the main of them being the mastery of many languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish and some notions in Italian). My strongest points are discipline, motivation and interest I take in my work. I've been traveling a lot, which didn't help me to obtain a High Education diploma, however I take a deep interest in biology and paleontology sciences, history (specially eastern history) and martial arts.
Concerning martial arts, I have a 1.5 year experience in junior Russian Sambo, almost 6 years in Capoeira and 2 years in Kung Fu Hung Gar. I am also fascinated by ancient and medieval weapons.
If you have a work proposition for me, please feel free to get in touch!
Best regards
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