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Language courses for expats (Geneva)


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When we arrive in a new country, we are filled with dreams, new projects, new impulses and curiosity. As we face a new reality, we are surprised, shocked, enchanted, disoriented and sometimes lost.

We would like some fairy to take us by the hand and lead us through the impassable administrative jungle, between the store shelves, whisper to us what to choose among many products with strange names, tell us how to find the best pediatrician and a good school where our child can easily integrate and develop, and help us to deal with it all in a new language.

Our programs of French courses for expats will allow you to learn the language of the host country in a very short time and get acquainted with the culture, practical aspects of everyday life, administrative rules and many other features of public life in the country you have recently come to.

Our French courses for expats will allow you to learn French in a few months thanks to our innovative, motivating and effective teaching method. We also offer courses for studying German, English, Italian, Russian and 29 other languages.

"Learn a foreign language in 80 lessons" is a personalized program that will allow you to achieve a level of general autonomy in French, which corresponds to the level between intermediate and advanced, depending on how much you will work in parallel to the lessons in the courses, while the program from 20 to 25 lessons will allow you to reach a level of basic autonomy sufficient for communication in everyday life.
If you already have some knowledge of French, a program of 20 to 60 lessons, depending on your starting level, will allow you to achieve the desired level of language knowledge.
Your teacher will help you determine how many lessons you need to achieve your goal.

If your children need to continue their education in French or English, they can take language preparation classes before back to school and then, in parallel with their school program, as long as they need it.

You can attend French courses at our school in the heart of Geneva, at your office or on Skype anywhere in the world according to the schedule of your choice from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week all year round.

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