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Leadership Event - Geneva, 18 Jul, Hotel Novotel

We offer Inner Alchemist leadership workshop on the day… in a 2h format - on Monday, 18th July, 17. Protected content , Hotel Novotel - Geneva

About the Workshop
Inner Alchemist Leadership workshop is a ground-breaking program designed for curious leaders that what to reinvent their couple relationship and their leadership capacity – in simultaneity.

Who needs to attend?
Managers, leaders seeking to learn a cutting edge leadership methodology.

What is this workshop about?
IAL from GEVA & COMPANY is a unique, power packed, leadership-ready package and one of a kind in the industry.

What learning benefits do you get from Inner Alchemist Leadership workshop?
-Establish a common vocabulary and understanding of basic Inner Alchemist leadership terms and concepts such as resonance®, transmutation, inner energy, self-awareness, internal locus of control, vitality, empathy, psychological capital, superior intimate behaviors and other leadership competencies.
-Understand, acknowledge & appreciate importance of control of inner states. Learn tools and techniques for managing inner states.
-Motivating the participants to use the principles of Inner Alchemist methodology in their own work area discussed with the help of case studies.

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