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Looking for Freelance French Teachers (Geneva)


Our concept is simple: connecting people!
Our role is to provide our clients with quality, enthusiastic and reliable teachers, and to support our teachers as much as needed.
Our website and our extensive marketing are intended to allow prospective clients to know us and our conditions, our insights, and eventually pick a teacher from their biography posted on the « Coach » page.
The client then informs us of his needs and requests.
We then try to match teachers and clients, according to individual desires, location and availability.
On a monthly basis, the teachers send us the attendance sheets and progress reports of each of their students. The teacher then fills an overall recap timesheet to be sent to us in order to receive tuition fee.
Each teacher has his/her own expertise and method, and is free to apply and use it with his/her students.
Our website offers a database of very useful links to be used with students as needed. Teachers are free to follow their own teaching methodology or ours.

Should you be interested in our concept, to work as a commission based freelance teacher in Geneva and Lausanne, please send us a resume.

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