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Non-EU/EFTA Work Permit - What are the chances? (Geneva)


Hi All,

I am new to Internations and looking forward to connecting with my new community!

For now, I am still in the stages of relocating and am looking for a job in Geneva. I will need a work permit, and as a U.S. Citizen, I know I am lower than EU / EFTA nationals/citizens in the hiring chain.

Does anyone have thoughts on whether I have a strong chance of being hired as a U.S. citizen without a work permit? How much better would it be to have EU/EFTA national status?

I am engaged to a citizen of an EU member state, so will eventually have a higher status for work, but am trying to figure out how important the timing is for us to be married in terms of my job search. Any insights are most welcome! Thank you!

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