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QuARTier des Bains opening : MAY 22nd, 18-21h00 (Geneva)


Here is soon the new edition of the quARTier des Bains opening !
f you really like Contemporary Art... if you really want to be involved in Geneva's nowadays art scene, you have to experience it !
It happens 3 times a year.. this is the second edition Protected content . All galleries around MAMCO are opened from 18 till 21 for simultaneous vernissages If you're not familiar with all those names, it is..near the SIP, or more precisely go at Rue des Bains and just follow the crowd happily going from one place to another, grab a leaflet, a drink, some chips, and meet the “arty” who's who of Geneva.

My advices for may 22nd :

Go and have a look at the following places in priority : Galerie Analix Forever, Skopia, Blondeau Fine Arts. The websites of the galleries are quite poor of informations, but I know the work of the artists exhibited and they might be amongst the most interesting ones of the event.

Analix Forever presents an exhibition titled : “Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau”. According to what I know, it will probably be a video show built out of various mediums : Mat Collishaw is a british artist working from antiquities and adapting them as video supports. The result is somewhat surrealist and autotelist, cross-referring to history of art and/or litterature. The other artists presented are young talents from emerging scenes : Poland, Turkey.. pay a specific attention to Ali Kazma, he’s been chosen for the Biennale de Lyon in Protected content his work is quite strong, questioning neutrality and idealism in a very interesting way. I let you discover the other artists of the show by yourselves, as I don’t really know them.

At Skopia you will see a very good show of 6 artists, amongst which 3 to have a closer look at (to my mind) : Jeremy Chevalier (young French artist working around music, its creation, diffusion and perception) Franz Gertsch (famous hyper-realist painter, swiss), and Alain Huck (amazing drawings, hyper-realist as well). Tiny but very good gallery.

And Blondeau is presenting Raymond Pettibon, a famous American artist working from the 70’s to nowadays, proposing polemic or narrative papers through a cartoonist style. The works are, if not provocative, evoking parts of the American culture and history on a cynic way.

Again, please have a look at and support Raphael Julliard’s original project : his gallery is a an old VW car parked at the corner of rue des Bains/rue du Vieux-Billard, and exhibitis some young artists in/on/around it during every Quartier des Bains opening. This time he will show Natalie Rebholz. Protected content for more pics.

I don't tell you to skip the other exhibitions, although to me they're less interesting. But anyway it's free opening everywhere so take the opportunity to go where you wish to.
If you can't attend to that event, next one is on September 18th, Protected content , but I might be able to help if in the meantime you need some more infos about one of the places/artists..

Here is the website of the event : Protected content

---- Protected content after the visit : either you come and join us at Scandale, 24 rue de Lausanne (the one of the station) from 8 pm, or you can have dinner/drinks in one of those places : (Beware to either book or be patient, because the whole area will be CROWDED)

- Rue de l'Ecole de Médecine "student bars" : Le Lys (chill out place, surprising beers), la Ferblanterie, DS bar. The good thing is that they all are in a 20 m. distance !
- Boulevard Carl Vogt "traditional/ trendy bars". From Uni-Mail to Jonction.. many pizzerias, but a few bars in between : Calamar, Café Metis, Café de la Radio (very old fashioned !!)...
- Around Rue des Bains : Café des Bains (the only place to avoid tonight because it'll be for sure extremely busy !), Nyamuk (café/restaurant/library/travel agency), Café de la Presse (kind of Pub style)
- Between Stand and Rue des Rois : Bat Dat (Excellent restaurant), L'Echalotte (very good food !), Also Anam restaurant in Rue des Savoises (thai and very good too)
- Around Place du Cirque : Café Cuba, Remor, and on the other side of the Boulevard G. Favon : Ethno bar, Sugar (bar-tapas).
- On Georges Favon, going to the Rhône there are a few wine bars too (Boulevard du Vin, Nonolet...). On the other direction, check out Cave Valaisanne.... if you like cheese smell only !
- On Avenue du Mail : Central Perk (nearly like in "Friends", nearly), some wine bars too
- On Henri Dunant : Café du Marché. very simple, very good food, nice wines, and friendly atmostphere.
There are also some places at Rond-point de Plainpalais and in rue Leschot.

I wish you to enjoy the event and don't hesitate to share your experience of the evening with all of us here !

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