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Taking a decision for our life... (Geneva)


Hi everyone,

my name is Alberto, and I'm 29. I come from Italy and, currently, I am in Geneva since January for a 1-year opportunity the Company I'm working for gave me. Now, my boss is searching for more stable opportunities here in Geneva for me, meaning I'll have to move here with my girlfriend since they'll be minimum for 5 years.

I'm not concerned with myself, because I'll be the one having the job, but I'm more concerned about my girlfriend who will have, at 26, to quit her current job in Italy and move here. Learn French, of course, but then...?

My question is: in your opinion and experience, could it be possible to find an employment here in Geneva for an italian girl after getting a English and French certification? She is currently working as assistant in a Legal office of a Public Transport company.

Thank you for your support...I'm a bit afraid of taking the wrong decision for our entire life! :(

Best regards,

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