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Texan Aussie looking for Advice/ Leads (Geneva)

My name is Chris, and I'll be coming to live around Rolle (Vaud) towards the beginning of July and am looking for some kind of work until roughly January

I am the "trailing spouse" at this stage, in that I will be coming to Switzerland with my wife and staying with her family.

The main hurdle I've been facing is language.
I speak a little French but not enough to actually count as speaking the language. My last few years working has been in customer service/ sales which doesn't bridge the language barrier so well. Prior to that I worked in residential construction, lumber-jacking, and commercial deep sea fishing, and before that I was working at a private home-school, doing a bit of everything including driving people in a 15 passenger van, shopping preparing and cooking meals, teaching, assistant teaching and curriculum planning for up-to about 30 people.

I love traveling and visiting new places, and have lived in Australia the last few years working as an account manager for a finance company.

Basically I'm going to be living in Switzerland soon and was hoping to find some kind of work when I get there but most job offers seem to be for French speakers only. I am hoping some people here had some thoughts what kind of work might be available from July to January that might be suitable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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