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help?! (Genoa)

I moved to Genoa a week ago with my fiance. We just rented an apartment and he has a work contract for two years. I am here on a tourist visa. My plan was to sign up for language school and get my visa to stay through that but it has to all be paid upfront and im afraid I wont be able to save enough in time and have to leave for 3 months!

Is there any way of extending a tourist visa? We are planning on getting married here but he is Australian and I am american so were not sure how to do it legally. therfor we havnt made much progress.

Is the marriage easier than the school visa? Does anyone know any options to help me so I dont have to leave my fiance and new home in italy?

I know these processes can take a while and the clock is already ticking so any urgent help will be so greatly appreciated!!!

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