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Ligurian Housing Market (Genoa)


Hi Genoa friends, this is my first post to our online community so I guess I'll introduce myself by way of a question. I posted this is TownTalk by mistake. I've deleted that post and put it here instead.

We’re a family of four – wife, husband, two daughters aged 16 and Protected content a timeline to relocate to Liguria from the USA in Protected content , specifically Recco, Rapallo or Chiavari where we have found licei that we think would be good for our daughter.

Of all the things we’re stressing about as we contemplate the move, the apartment search is the absolute worst. The internet is both a blessing and a curse – it gives you impressions and ideas but they can be completely wrong. How can we know for sure, before we start committing to the move, whether what we see online is going to work?

We are coming to Genoa in a couple of weeks to scout, meet with some of the schools and plan. In a perfect world, I’d love to meet some of the agencies that represent some of the apartments I see on or and ask to see examples while we are there, but I can’t. It would feel dishonest because we are of course not yet ready to sign contracts and we would be spending their time with no compensation to them.

My question is this: Is there such an agency that perhaps we could hire to show us around the rental landscape and pay a small amount for their time? Would you know if anything like that exists in the expat community? Since we’re looking for a rental with a very modest budget, two years away, and we are not big fish looking to buy something expensive I assume nobody would be monetarily motivated to work with us so I’m not sure where to turn.

And, of course, none of us speak Italian and won’t be fluent until we’ve lived there. I’m pretty confident my daughter and I can learn quickly enough to function but the others will be miserable until they let their guards down and jump in.

Any ideas? I can't wait to join you all and attend some events!


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