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Away from major towns-Isolated (Gent)

Hello all.

I am an American married to a native Belgian. I have been here for a year now. My husband and I were married this past May.

I have a degree in history from America, and so far the Ministry of Education has not yet approved it and my Dutch is coming along but as I have been informed, humiliatingly so, that my Nederlands is not good enough to even get a "bar or waiting" job (which are good honorable jobs, I paid my way through university this way!)

I gave up a lot back home to be with my husband, and this isolation is breaking me. I love my husband's family but again, the humiliation and yes, even some racism I have faced at the integration class that I have to attend has been getting to me. Advice please? I am in Kortrijk right now twice a week and near Ieper. I feel alone, and I hate feeling that way...

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