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Dinner Activity&drinks at the Xmas market, 14/12 (Gent)


the DinnerNations group has its first activity next Friday, 14th December ( Protected content ). I'm organizing it to kickstart the group, but I didn't realise that groups are now exclusive to BigBirds. I find that a shame, as I believe activities should be open to all types of birds (or non-birds).

In any case, we will be meeting first for a drink at 7.30 at the Christmas market at St Baafs and since this is not official, it's open to all.

BigBirds can still apply for the fondue activity at the ActivityGroups page. And I'm sure we won't look down on other types of creatures if they decide to book a table next to the official IN one. ;-)

Hope to see many of you at the Christmas market. I'll post the details of the gathering spot as soon as I scout out a suitable one (suggestions welcome).

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