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Possibility of moving to Guyana_specific questions (Georgetown)

HI All,

Surprisingly there is very little on the internet about Guyana, so I would really appreciate any of you taking the time to respond to this post. There may be a possibility of my family moving to Guyana next year for a new job but I want to find out more about Goergetown first. I have a 4 yr old and 7 month old. We are used to living in Africa and have spent most of our lives (all of my children's lives!) in rural Africa/cities. So South America is a whole new experience for us... I do have some specific questions which would be really helpful if any of you could answer that would help us decide.
1) How safe is Georgetown, in terms of freedom to move around and to walk/drive around day or night.
2) The job would require both my husband and I to travel a bit.. how safe to be on your own with 2 kids at night or left with a nanny overnight?
3) How easy is it to find VERY good trustworthy nannies. I would be particularly interested in a Spanish speaking one as we would all like to learn Spanish even though we don't need it for Guyana.. Are there many around do you think?
4) Schools and nurseries? Any Spanish speaking ones?
5) Is there much to do on a weekend for a day such as going to the beach or pool somewhere?
6) Any other useful information? Approx rent per month for a house... ideally we would want a detached house with garden in good area, ideally near a good school...

Thanks all so much, I look forward to your replies...

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