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Health & Insurance in Germany

Healthcare is one of the most important topics in the life of any adult anywhere on earth. Expats in particular need to be certain that in case they fall ill or have an accident abroad, they will be in capable hands. You will find that this is exactly the case in Germany.

In fact, the German healthcare system in general is one of the most advanced in the world. Germany makes sure its doctors, dentists, orderlies, and any other medical staff are well-trained and professional. Needless to say that most medical institutions in Germany are state-of-the-art as well. There is virtually nothing that could befall you during your life in Germany for which there is no highly specialized medical professional in the country. If you regularly need medication, you could not have chosen a better country than Germany. Pharmacies can be found in almost any street in any town here, and there is always one nearby that is open in the night and on holidays.

Health Insurance

The overwhelming majority of residents in Germany are covered by state-funded insurance schemes. Due to the nearly all-encompassing nature of these schemes, private insurance is not too widespread. However, expats may wish to buy a number of additional policies to be covered, for example, in case they need extensive dentistry work. Our article on health insurance in Germany covers the topic in detail, offering in-depth info on the different kinds of insurance you can opt for as well as the specifics of choosing a provider and acquiring insurance.

Travel Health

As long as you are not suffering from hay fever (a condition shared by a large part of the German populace), there is probably not very much you need to keep in mind when traveling or moving to Germany. The country is free of health hazards that would require previous precautionary measures on your part. However, there is one member of the German fauna we would like to bring to your attention, as it is a specifically European nuisance: the tick. Ticks can be found in many parts of southern Germany, and if you are not familiar and prepared, getting bit by one of these spider-like creatures can have undesirable consequences. See our detailed article on ticks for details.

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