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The Internet in Germany

Are you moving to Germany and wondering about rates and access to the internet in the country? There are many open Wifi networks offering access to the internet in Germany. Private connections are available as well. Read our guide to learn more about the internet in Germany.
Getting access to the internet is quite easy in Germany.

As in most countries around the world, internet usage has increased significantly in Germany throughout recent years. Particularly, social media platforms have gained popularity and are increasingly used for marketing purposes as well. The German railway company Deutsche Bahn, for instance, uses the communication platform Twitter as a channel for customer service. Access to the internet in Germany via free public Wifi (in libraries, bookstores and coffee shops) has become more frequent as well.

Internet in Germany: High-Speed Connections

Over the past few years broadband internet in Germany has become relatively cheap and easy. Internet junkies have profited from the intense competition on the German telecommunications market. Telephone and internet access are mostly offered in combination at varying monthly rates. These rates depend largely on the internet speed you opt for and on the provider.

Internet in Germany: Access via Cable TV

In some areas in Germany, both telephone and Internet access are available via your cable TV connection. While you need to have access to cable TV in your household, you do not have to be an actual customer of a cable television company. Most providers offer a service which is limited to certain parts of Germany. The only exception is Kabel Deutschland. You can check the availability of their internet in Germany online.

When choosing this option, the service provider will fix your TV socket by adding phone and Internet plugs. Technically speaking, the TV cable allows for extremely high traffic and a very fast Internet connection. As TV and radio signals are transmitted on different frequencies, neither of them will be affected by the use of telephone or Internet.

Internet in Germany: Availability

According to official estimates, DSL connections with download speeds from 2,000 to 50,000 kbps are theoretically available for over 93% of all households in Germany, especially in the cities. On websites like (link: German only), you can check whether DSL access from Germany’s major internet service providers is available in your post-code area.

Internet in Germany: Choosing the Right Provider

In most cases, you will now have the choice between a variety of internet service providers, ranging from national companies such as T-Online, Alice, or 1&1 to regional providers such as M-Net (in Bavaria) or BaWue-Net (in Baden-Württemberg). When looking for a DSL provider, you should take the following aspects into account:

  • What is the connection speed?
  • What is the monthly flat rate fee and which services are not covered by this flat rate?
  • Does this include a flat rate for phone calls as well? Which calls are not covered by this flat rate?
  • Is the wifi router included in the contract?
  • Do you have to pay an extra installation / activation fee?
  • What is the minimum term of the contract?
  • How about English documentation and English-speaking tech support? 


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