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A new beginning in Glasgow.

Hi there!
My name is Claudia, I am an italian expat currently living and working in Shanghai. After more than 3 years of experience here, I am considering to come back to the "roots" , that is the beautiful Europe (which I am missing very much) thinking about Glasgow as next final destination and a better choice than London.

I looked up to several forum about expats in Scotland, and this one of Internations seems one of the most reliable and updated one :)

to be short and trying not to bother too much (Pretty sure I am not the first one who came up with usual question about moving and living to Glasgow) I would love to have your opinion about your expat life there, the employment situation, expecially from the ones, like me, who are not english speaker, not coming from US or Australia, which might take advantage from their Language skills.

your kind comments will be very appreciated!
have a nice day and enjoy your xmas holidays!

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