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Another newcomers on the line :) (Glasgow)

Hello everyone!:) Me and my spouse are planning to move to Scotland - to Glasgow itself. I am totally new to this forum, and it would nice, if somebody could help me with a few questions :)
We are open-mindend, sociable (especially my wife!) and (when the time is right) easy-going couple, that decided to liberate themselves from the "shackles of void of stable but boring life", here in Poland :) The better depiction of this action would be "a new challenge", but sometimes I just tend to exagerrate a little:)
The main questions are about people and the weather. I know, that the weather is overally poor, with exagerrated opinions describing it as depressing...
What about people, especially indigenous Scottish citizens? What is their attitude towards foreigners, and espacially expats planning to settle down in their country for "longer" period of time?
What about job opportunities for expats, here in Glasgow? Is it easy to find that first (simple) job, that would allow me to "jump" into the local society? :)
Greetings from Cracow :)

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