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New Glaswegians (Glasgow)

Hello fellow ex-pats! I'm helping to spread the word about an event that NGS is setting up for Glasgow Doors Open Days. The idea is to capture what non-Glaswegians think about this city (including myself) through photography and exhibit them for interaction. Perhaps InterNations can organise drinks/outing when the event date is near?

Please read the official text below.

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I'm writing as a representative of New Glasgow Society. We're a civic society, encouraging debate about, and campaigning on, Glasgow's built environment and culture, and issues pertaining to both.

NGS is organising the above event for this year's Doors Open Day festival. It'll be an exhibition of photography looking at how Glasgow is seen by people who are now living here, but have come from other parts of the world. We're interested in showing the perceptions of those who see Glasgow with fresh eyes.

The exhibition part of 'New Glaswegians' will be primarily photographic (and this could include short films), but we are also interested to receive proposals for other artforms, (perhaps spoken word, or poetry) that could form part of the opening event. We will not only be considering professional photography - images from smartphone or other devices are just as valuable to us if they convey the experience of those who have moved to Glasgow from elsewhere.

If you feels you can help (whether you know of anyone working in photography, or wish to undertake a photographic project with the event in mind) we'd be very glad to hear from you. Similarly, if you know of any other individuals or organisations to whom this opportunity may be of interest, then please put them in touch with us. NGS will cover costs for the reproduction of work, and we aim to create a small publication of the event, in which contributors work would be included with their permission.

The exhibition will take place Sat 17th and Sun 18th September, at our premises at Protected content Street. We will be having a launch event on Friday 18th. I should make clear that our space is limited, so submission of work does not guarantee inclusion - but we are keen to display the greatest variety of views of Glasgow that we can.

Even if you aren't able to suggest or submit images for the exhibition, we'd be delighted if you wish us to keep you up to date with the project.

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