How It Works

At InterNations GO! we make relocation easy from the start! Here we will help you understand how we work and what to expect once you submit your request for relocation services.


You Make a Relocation Service Request

Planning to move abroad soon? Fill out our relocation request form with the most important information about your upcoming relocation. We will be better prepared to help you once you do.


We Connect You with Our Partner

Once we receive your request, based on your information, we review who from our global partner network is best suited to help you. We will send you an email within an hour of your request to let you know the name of the selected partner(s). If we do not currently have a partner that can help you, but add a new one in the future, we will let you know!


Learn More About Our Service Offerings

If we connect you with at least one of our partners, they will email you directly within 48 hours of your request. Our partner(s) will provide you with more information on the service offering(s), and get any additional information required to prepare the exact relocation package to meet your needs.


Start Your Relocation

Once you and our partners have aligned your needs with their service offerings, they will provide you with a quote for such services. If you want to proceed with the purchase, you will pay our partner directly, and then work with them to take the next steps towards an easier relocation and your new destination!

Ready to Relocate?

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