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Education in Hong Kong

Hong Kong University Admission

While Hong Kong is a popular expat destination, it is also a great place to pursue higher education. There is a variety of universities in Hong Kong with great study programs. This guide will tell you more about tuition and fees, admission requirements, and the application process.

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So you have made up your mind – you or your kid would like to study at one of Hong Kong’s universities. What is the next step? All universities, including the ones funded by the UGC, choose their students independently. Therefore, you need to apply directly to the universities of your choice.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements differ significantly, depending on the university you choose, the program of studies, and the degree you wish to obtain. For undergraduate programs, you usually need to have completed secondary school and received satisfactory grades. If you are applying for postgraduate programs, you must show that you have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the respective field.  

Furthermore, if English is not your native language, you have to prove that your English is sufficient for completing coursework and conducting research in English. In all likelihood, you need to get a specified minimum score in internationally recognized language tests such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This does not apply if you already have a degree from an institution where the main language of instruction is English.

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Application Process and Student Visa

Application deadlines vary tremendously. Your applications usually need to be completed during the spring semester if you would like to start classes in the fall. However, the deadline may be in January or in May – therefore, confirm all the details well in advance with the administration office of the university you wish to attend.

If you do not belong to the lucky people with the right of abode in Hong Kong, you need a valid visa to study in Hong Kong. At the time of application for your visa, you will need to provide evidence of residence in Hong Kong. Therefore, you have to make arrangements for a room in one of the student dormitories or look for another place to stay before you can apply for a visa. If you have further questions concerning the visa application, it is best to contact the university where you have been admitted or take a look at our article on Hong Kong visa. Keep in mind that bureaucracy takes time. Therefore, it is best to apply for a student visa as soon as possible after you have been admitted to a university in Hong Kong.

Fees and Scholarships

Good education has its price! This is quite true for Hong Kong, especially if you are an international student. While the fee that local students pay for their studies is relatively moderate compared to international standards, the tuition fee for international students is usually about the same as that of universities in the UK or the US. Here’s just one example: Local students at the University of Hong Kong pay an annual fee of approximately HK$ 42,000, while international students are charged way over HK$ 130,000 per academic year. As this fee does not include books or university accommodation, make sure to keep the high cost of living in Hong Kong in mind when planning your budget for Hong Kong.

Do not, however, let financial difficulties put an end to your ambition to study in Hong Kong. After all, there are a number of scholarships and grants available to students regardless of their nationality. The HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for local as well as international students at UGC universities on the basis of outstanding academic achievements. Moreover, each of the Hong Kong universities has its own grants and scholarships, which it awards to international students too.

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Updated on: March 02, 2016
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