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Healthcare in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Private Hospitals

There are a lot of hospitals in Hong Kong, both private and public, expats can choose from when they fall ill. Are you unsure if you should opt for private or public care? Or are you looking for info on visiting hours and fees? Read our InterNations GO! guide and learn more about hospitals in Hong Kong.

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If you want more than just medical expertise, this is where the private hospitals come in. In addition to providing you with the necessary medical treatment, private hospitals will usually go out of their way to fulfill all your heart’s desires during your stay. Their top rooms often match the standards of five-star hotels. To see details about the different private hospitals in Hong Kong, check this list of registered private hospitals. There are tremendous differences between the private hospitals when it comes to service, availability of rooms, and corresponding prices.

Amenities and Visiting Hours

Usually, you have a choice between private single rooms, two-bed rooms, and 3 to 5 bed standard rooms. If you prefer the extraordinary, in some private hospitals, you can even opt for VIP single rooms or suites. Most rooms provide Hong Kong radio and TV, phones, refrigerators, and DVD players. The more expensive ones regularly come with a balcony including a spectacular view of the city. With à la carte breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the food in Hong Kong’s private hospitals also differs somewhat from what you would get in a public hospital.

Most, albeit not all, hospital packages include three meals a day. There are meals available to suit all dietary needs. Furthermore, both Chinese and Western-style meals are usually served. The staff speaks English, although in many private hospitals you can also find someone who speaks other foreign languages. Hospitals provide you with towels, bathrobes, slippers, and other necessities. You should, however, still remember to bring your own night clothes, other comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as any other personal items you wish to have with you during your hospital stay.

Private hospitals usually do not have designated visiting hours. Visitors may be there for the entire day, as long as they do not come earlier than 8 or 9 am and leave by 9 or 10 pm, depending on the hospital. In some of the more exquisite private rooms, you can even have a visitor stay overnight without any additional charges.

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Coverage of Costs and Booking of Rooms

Naturally, the government will not cover these kinds of standards for you. Prices for staying at a private hospital are usually astronomical. For different kinds of surgery or childbirth, you can book specific packages which cover your stay in the hospital as well as the standard treatment. However, your doctor will charge you separately for his services, and you still have to pay any additional treatment or testing. Therefore, before you seek admission to a private hospital, have a detailed check with your Hong Kong health insurance and ask which expenses they will cover. Also look into the possibility to get a credit for the hospital bills beforehand or have your insurance arrange a direct payment to the hospital. Otherwise you are required to pay a large deposit to the hospital yourself.

After you have made your decision, your private general physician or specialist doctor in Hong Kong will do the booking of the hospital bed for you. For some treatments, you should ask your doctor to secure a room well ahead of time. Especially if you wish to deliver your child in a private hospital, rooms can be completely booked as early as seven months in advance. Your personal doctor or specialist is also the one who will administer your treatment at a private hospital. Usually, doctors cooperate with one or two private hospitals, in which they perform their surgeries and other complicated treatments.

Updated on: March 02, 2016
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