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Healthcare in Hong Kong

Seeing a Gynecologist in Hong Kong

Expatriate women usually have a few more health issues to consider than male expats. First, they need to find a gynecologist in Hong Kong. Moreover, it helps to be informed about reproductive issues. Our guide to women’s health talks about ob/gyns as well contraception and abortion in Hong Kong.

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Choosing the right gynecologist is always difficult. However, when starting life as an expat woman, you need to consider which gynecologist in Hong Kong to attend for medical check-ups and family planning. When you go to see an ob/gyn, you can rely on them to have high medical standards. They will also be familiar with all the procedures you may be used to from home.

We would like to provide you with an overview of what to expect when seeing a gynecologist in Hong Kong. To choose a gynecologist in Hong Kong, you can either use the public healthcare system, or you can go directly to a private specialist. Cancer screenings are offered by public healthcare centers as well as any private gynecologist in Hong Kong. You can buy quite a few, albeit not all, contraceptives without a prescription from your doctor. He or she is also the person to ask for advice on other reproductive health issues.

If you are looking for a gynecologist in Hong Kong to take care of you and your baby during pregnancy, please read our article on having a baby in Hong Kong. There you will find important information on prenatal care, childbirth, and choosing the right obstetrician in Hong Kong.

Seeing a Gynecologist in Hong Kong: Public Healthcare Centers

Both in public institutions and at private practices in Hong Kong, you can receive regular screenings to check for early cancer symptoms and other female health risks. If you opt for a gynecologist in Hong Kong’s public healthcare sector, go to one of the Maternal and Child Health Care Centers for screening. The centers offer regular health check-ups for all women below the age of 64. The check-up includes examinations for early signs of cervical cancer, breast cancer as well as ovarian diseases. HPV vaccinations are also available. The annual check-up program costs around HKD 300 for all residents. For a mammography, you pay an additional 225 dollars.

In 2004, the Hong Kong Department of Health established the Cervical Screening Program. It aims to increase the overall coverage of testing among women living in Hong Kong. Part of the program is an information system. If you register, you will receive automatic reminders from your gynecologist in Hong Kong when your next pap smear is due. A cervical screening costs an extra HKD 100.

For acute problems related to women’s health, it is best to go to a regular public clinic immediately. They will refer you to a gynecologist in Hong Kong’s public hospitals if necessary.

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Seeing a Gynecologist in Hong Kong: Private Specialists

For all health screenings and check-ups, you can, of course, see a private doctor in Hong Kong as well. Any gynecologist in Hong Kong performs regular cancer screenings, and most also participate in the Cervical Screening Information System. You should, however, expect to pay higher prices for the same procedure if you choose a private ob/gyn, which add to the high cost of living in Hong Kong.

To find a gynecologist in Hong Kong, you can browse the doctor directory provided by the Hong Kong Medical Association. Simply look for a private practice specializing in “Obstetrics and Gynaecology”, and you will receive all necessary contact details. Additionally, you might want to seek advice from other expat women to find a gynecologist in Hong Kong who is popular within the foreign community.

Updated on: December 06, 2018
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