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Living in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong: Bargain Ready

Even though it is no longer the cheap shopping paradise of old, shopping in Hong Kong still attracts thousands each year. Hong Kong’s shopping malls are among the largest and most impressive in the world: you would certainly miss out if you did not indulge in a few deals whilst living there!

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Shopping in Hong Kong is made easy for expats who have to work, as late night opening hours are popular, and consumer electronics are almost always on sale. If you are keen on clothes, though, shopping in Hong Kong might not be ideal: Western brands are quite expensive in the city. However, if you choose your bargains carefully, you won’t be disappointed.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Food

When it comes to grocery shopping in Hong Kong, there are hardly any limits as to what is available, whether you want organic food, or imports from around the world. Estimates by a Hong Kong expat recommend purchasing local food if you don’t want to spend too much.  

Plenty of large supermarket chains in Hong Kong sell Chinese groceries as well as Western-style products:

  • Wellcome, with its 270 stores in Hong Kong, is perfect for all your everyday needs. 
  • PARKnSHOP provides all your basics, as well as fresh flower shops, sushi counters and a DIY section.  
  • City Super, a high-end supermarket chain, specializes in Japanese foods and household items.

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Shopping in Hong Kong: Furniture and Household Appliances

Furniture shopping in Hong Kong is not difficult: the high number of expats and increasing city population mean that there are plenty of department stores and furniture shops.

Fans of the popular Swedish furniture chain will be delighted to learn that there are three IKEA stores across Hong Kong. For a more exclusive alternative, check out the Hong Kong-based home store Tequila Kola. Most of its products are designed in-house and produced in different Asian countries.

For home appliances, Fortress is all you need: shopping in Hong Kong’s standard electronics store offers everything from household appliances to mobile phones, laptops, and entertainment systems. Broadway also carries household appliances and electronic goods, though their website is not available in English.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Consumer Electronics and Clothes

Although electronics shopping in Hong Kong is no longer a series of bargains, you can still purchase items or editions which are not available in other countries. PC equipment, software, and digital equipment are likely to be cheaper in Hong Kong than in your home country, too. Nevertheless, make sure to compare prices before deciding on a major purchase.

It is probably best not to attempt clothes shopping in Hong Kong, though. Western clothes are expensive, and the sizes of local clothes are often very limited. The one benefit of clothes shopping in Hong Kong is the abundance of tailors, whose superb skills create beautiful clothes at a fraction of London and New York prices.

There are a number of gigantic shopping malls in Hong Kong, housing both electronics and fashion stores, along with restaurants, movie theatres, and a large variety of other shops and boutiques. Some of the most popular places to go shopping in Hong Kong include the Pacific Place Mall, the Times Square Mall, and Harbour City.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Markets

Whether you are looking for souvenirs or simply want to experience the more traditional side of the city, shopping in Hong Kong’s markets is ideal. Some specialize in specific items – the goldfish market at Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok, or the business card market on Man Wah Lane in Sheung Wang – while others are more general.

Some of the more popular markets include Ladies’ Market in Kowloon, Jardine’s Bazaar at Causeway Bay, and Stanley Market in Stanley. Probably the most famous among Hong Kong’s markets is Temple Street Night Market, opening daily in the afternoon.

Bargaining is essential for shopping in Hong Kong’s markets. Generally, prices are not fixed. No bargaining means you could pay far too much for an item. Always aim to negotiate at least 30% off of the initial price!

Updated on: December 06, 2018
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