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Marriage in Singapore

All marriages in Singapore have to be registered, but this bureaucratic hurdle should not put you off getting married in Singapore. At the end of the day, there are only a few simple steps — read our InterNations GO! article to marriage in Singapore and learn all about them.

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At a glance:

  • In order to get married in Singapore, you will have to file a notice of marriage at least 21 days before you want the ceremony to take place.
  • Your solemnization can take place either at the Registry of Marriages or at a place of your own choosing.
  • You are responsible for ensuring all of your paperwork is in order and that you have it at your ceremony.

Getting married in Singapore is a perfectly viable option, however there are some bureaucratic hurdles and paperwork that need to be completed first. If you are curious to know how a marriage in Singapore affects your expat status, please contact the Ministry of Manpower.

Getting Hitched in Singapore: The Basics

In order for your marriage to be legal, you must register and solemnize it at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) or alternatively the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM). In the following, we focus on marriages at the ROM — please be aware that the process and timings may be slightly different for Muslim marriages at the ROMM. All in all, there are three steps on your way to getting married.

First, you have to file a notice of marriage in Singapore online with the Registry of Marriages. When you have done so, you will receive an appointment at the ROM. This appointment is designed to verify your documents and to complete your statutory declaration. Finally, you can have your marriage solemnized in the presence of a licensed solemnizer and two witnesses.

It is important that the solemnization of your marriage in Singapore takes places within three months from the date of notice. Otherwise, your application will be void and you will have to repeat the entire process. On the upside, both foreigners and locals can get married in Singapore without further restrictions, provided at least one of you has been in Singapore for at least 15 consecutive days before filing your notice of marriage.

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First and Foremost: File a Notice of Marriage

Please remember that you can only file your notice of marriage in Singapore online. Other modes of application are unfortunately not accepted. It is important that you provide the ROM with correct and complete information about yourself, your future spouse, and your two witnesses. This information is the basis for your Certificate of Marriage, and cannot be changed at a later date.

When you file your notice of marriage in Singapore, you also have to pay the corresponding fees (please refer to the ROM for detailed information). For the process you will need the following:

  • your credit card
  • your NRIC or passport, as well as that of your spouse, and your two witnesses
  • a consent form signed by your solemnizer if your solemnization will be outside the ROM
  • a printer to print your payment receipt and filing instructions

The latter contain essential information on your appointment at the ROM and on the documents you have to provide.

After you have successfully submitted your notice, you have to wait 21 days before you can solemnize your marriage. For further information on how your work permit for Singapore might be affected, please contact the Ministry of Manpower.

The All-Important Solemnization

Although you might be asked to decide on a date of solemnization when you file your notice of marriage in Singapore, you are still able to change this date later on. You will then be asked to pay a fee. Keep in mind that the new date still has to be within the legal time frame of at least 21 days and up to three months after the filing of the notice.

Your solemnization can take place in the ROM or at a location outside of the official buildings. In any case, it is important that an official solemnizer will be present to officiate your wedding.

If you decide to solemnize your marriage outside of the ROM, you have more options to design the ceremony according to your taste. However, you are responsible for bringing along all the necessary paperwork. Otherwise, the ceremony cannot be completed. As the solemnization can be a rather bureaucratic act, some couples decide to have a religious ceremony at a later point.

Updated on: December 11, 2019
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