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Working in Singapore

Singapore: Interviews and Further Resources

Are you dreaming of working in Singapore? Then be aware of the competition of highly skilled natives and expats alike. To help you prepare for the challenge of finding a job in Singapore, we have put together lots of information on CVs, interviews, and job resources.

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Dress for Success

Landing an interview at a reputable international or Singaporean firm is a great accomplishment — you’re already half way there! Before you get excited and start packing your suitcase, remember that you still need to impress your future employer. Preparation is the key to getting the job of your dreams.

Begin by researching your future employer thoroughly, starting with the company website. If you know people who are familiar with the company, talk to them and see what you can find out.However, all that background knowledge about your future employer is not the most important requirement. Even if you apply for a position in which you have worked for years, brush up on your knowledge.

Furthermore, it is important to communicate your skills well beyond the paper qualifications. Dress up for your interview! A well-tailored suit or dress can make you appear professional and help to make a positive impression. It also can’t hurt to learn something about local customs and culture in Singapore.

Finally, it is important that you show up on time or even ten minutes early for your interview, even if you are used to more flexibility. Throughout the interview, you will get the chance to talk about your professional skills and also to ask questions. Show your interest in the company, but don’t be too critical otherwise your future employer may get the impression that you do not want to work there. After the interview, you should follow up with a brief thank you note. 

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Where to Find More Information: Further Resources

We have compiled a list of resources for you, to help you be fully prepared for your job search in Singapore. This list is by no means extensive, of course, and is merely a starting point for you to start your research.

Online Job Sites

Recruitment Companies and Headhunting Firms

Of course, this is just a selection of recruitment agencies and headhunting firms in Singapore. Other companies may offer quality services as well.

Updated on: September 28, 2016
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