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Living in Spain

How to get Citizenship in Spain

As a Spanish citizen, you can vote in both national and European elections. Aside from enjoying the same rights as all Spanish nationals, you will also become a European citizen and be able to travel and live freely within the EU. Read on to know how you can apply for citizenship in Spain.

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How to become a Spanish citizen

As a general rule, you can become a citizen in Spain after you have lived in the country for ten consecutive years. However, this period can be reduced if you meet other criteria:

  • If you are a national of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, or are of Sephardic origin, you can become a citizen after living in Spain for two years.
  • If you are married to a Spanish national, you can become a citizen after living in Spain for one year, as long as you have been married for one year at the time of your application for citizenship.
  • If you have at least one grandparent of Spanish origin, you can become a citizen after living in Spain for one year.
  • If you were born in Spain, you can become a citizen after living in Spain for one year.

How to Apply for Citizenship in Spain

To obtain citizenship for you and your children, you can apply in person or online.

In both cases, you also need the following documents to apply for citizenship:

  • TIE or NIE
  • current passport of the country of origin
  • birth certificate, translated
  • criminal record of your country of origin, translated
  • marriage certificate, if applicable
  • proof of payment of the fee (the fee must be paid before the moment of application)
  • criminal record from the Registro central de penados
  • registration certificate
  • Cervantes Institute Diploma: a test that assesses your knowledge of constitutional and sociocultural subjects (CCSE), and the Spanish language (DELE)

In the case of citizenship applications for minors, you also need:

  • standard application form
  • birth certificate
  • passport (or ID document if you are a citizen of the Schengen area)
  • proof of payment of the fee
  • NIE or TIE of the minor
  • registration certificate of the minor
  • authorization of the person in charge of the civil registry
  • ID documents of the legal representative
  • certificate of a sufficient degree of integration (such as education, care, residence or training center)

Spain citizenship fees

The application fee for nationality is 102 EUR (115 USD), which has to be paid in advance to the Agencia Tributaria (tax agency).

Dual Citizenship in Spain

Dual citizenship in Spain is very restricted, as Spain only allows dual citizenship for countries that are within close proximity or with which it shares a colonial history. You can get dual citizenship in Spain if you are from a Spanish-American country, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, or are of Sephardic Jewish origin. If you are not from these countries, you have to renounce your original nationality to become a Spanish citizen.

Updated on: April 01, 2020

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