Employee Relocation Services Make Life Easier for HR Professionals

Manage employee relocations more effectively and improve retention rates by using a global relocation service. We explain

how our services can help you save time and minimize

stress for you and your relocating employee.

Managing employee relocation is an increasingly common and complex task in small companies. 45% of employers are unable to find the talent they need to boost performance and productivity, meaning your role as an HR professional is expanding globally. This expansion brings new responsibilities. You become the most important point of contact for the person moving abroad.

How Can Employee Relocation Services Help You?

Retention rates are usually low for international relocations, both for new hires and existing employees. This is not a reflection on wages offered, or employee loyalty or abilities. Most often, your risk of losing talent is increased by negative experiences that happen outside of the office during the employee’s relocation. You need to understand how to help with visa issues, importing pets into the country, and even how to rent property as a foreigner.


You are not a specialized global mobility officer. You do not have access to thousands of dollars to organize an end-to-end relocation package. Employee relocation services can you successfully manage a time-consuming international employee relocation without additional stress for yourself and your employee.

What are the Risks and Challenges of Managing an Employee's Relocation?

Deciding to move abroad is a big step for any employee—and just the beginning of your journey with them. Relocation goes beyond negotiating contracts and organizing onboarding. The boundaries of your working relationship with them can become blurred as they expect you to assist them with all aspects of their move. The research involved is not only time-consuming but distracts you from other important daily tasks.


Settling In

The most difficult aspects of relocation come from outside of the office walls. Expats can feel anxious about starting from scratch in a new country, especially one that they have never visited before. One of the most challenging aspects for you will be to provide consistent, positive support to your employee as they face obstacles without the close support network of friends and family.


The inability to complete simple but necessary tasks will frustrate your employee. Every day will bring an exhausting new challenge, possibly in a language that they do not understand. Helping your employee with the following day-to-day issues ensures they settle in more quickly and reduces their feelings of isolation and fear.


Things to Learn About

  • How to set up utility bills as a foreigner.
  • How to transfer their foreign driving license.
  • Banking options for foreigners and international transfers.
  • Registering a foreigner with local tax authorities and advising about non-resident taxes.
  • Where your employee can meet other expats, who understand their situation.

Moving with a Family

A challenging aspect of international relocation is ensuring that it is as easy as possible for your employee’s families to join them. Your employee is moving their loved ones across the globe for your company. To make this transition as easy as possible, they will expect you to be accommodating to any issues their family faces. For example, visa processes for dependents are more complex than for an individual. Your company may be required to apply for dependent visa’s and should do so on a timeline agreed with the employee.


You should also expect questions about a range of issues, from how the local school system works to pet relocation processes. Though this might not seem within your job remit, it is important to remember that managing the entire relocation process effectively will ensure greater employee satisfaction. This, in turn, this will lead to a higher retention rate.


Things to Learn About

  • Finding a family home and renting or buying as a foreigner, including pet-friendly homes.
  • Immigration law and visa processes for families of employees.
  • The best local schools and childcare providers.
  • Local family dentists and doctors.
  • Pet relocation services, import laws, and local veterinarians.

Finding Quality Services

Many smaller companies often offer a cash sum to employees who relocate. This arrangement can make your job more difficult, as cash sums do not often cover the full expenses of moving. To make up for this, employees will likely turn to HR for assistance with complex and time-consuming issues.


You are a specialist in human resources; you are not a tax expert, language teacher, or estate agent. Understanding these subjects in enough detail to guide your employee will require dedication and opening space in your already busy schedule.


How Can You Help?

Providing assistance and offering recommendations for international relocation experts will help employees choose dependable relocation service providers, rather than an unreliable company offering a cheap deal. This will prevent unforeseen serious problems and delays in the relocation. For example:


  • Low-quality visa advisory services might delay your employee arriving in the country, increasing your workload as you adjust to the new circumstances and try to help the employee arrive as quickly as possible.
  • Poor shipping services might cause delays or damage to your employee’s household goods, leaving you to liaise with customs if the employee does not speak the local language.
  • A ruthless estate agent might take advantage of your new employee’s lack of knowledge about the country, causing the employee financial and emotional distress that might impact their work.

Taking Time Off Work

You should expect that any employee arriving in a new country will need time off from work during their first few weeks at the company. This is normal, and not a reflection on your management of their international move.


One way to ensure your employee feels comfortable during this initial transition period is to have an adjusted start date. A week of free time in the country will help with more than just adapting to the climate and new time zone. Exploring their new city will help employees feel more settled, as well as providing them with a knowledge base so that they do not have to ask for your help with simple tasks, such as finding the supermarket.


Compensated time off for issues related to their relocation is also considered good practice. Employees might need this time for:


  • legal issues, such as visits to immigration and tax offices;
  • house visits, to find their new accommodation;
  • kindergarten and school visits, if they are moving with family.

Moving Abroad? We Will Help You Through Every Step.


How Are Employee Relocation Services Useful for HR Professionals?

A professional relocation services provider is useful because they oversee all aspects of the employee’s move on behalf of you, the HR professional. Services are tailored to the employee’s needs. Do they need their goods shipping abroad? An immigration lawyer? An international tax advisor? The relocation support service knows the best people to go to. They work within your timeframe, quickly connecting your employee to essential expertise.


Recommending one company to turn to eases the burden placed on you to research different elements of your employee’s move. This saves both you and your employee from unnecessary distractions and means you can complete your regular work tasks. Having one company to turn to also creates an established relocation policy for your company, making it more competitive in the modern jobs market. This will help you to attract high-quality talent who want to move abroad, raising retention levels.

What are the Costs Involved?

Corporate relocations cost an average of around 100,000 USD per existing employee. It is cheaper to relocate a new hire, at around 70,000 USD per relocation. Extra discretionary expenses, including the fees for breaking a rental contract, may cost employers the equivalent of between one and three months of the employee’s salary. These costs are for practical services that move the employee from A to B. As such, they do not take into account the time costs of you personally helping to settle the employee in.


Our global relocation services are tailored to your employee’s needs. This means your employee can choose the most important services that suittheir budget, rather than your company paying for a relocation package that is not fit for purpose. It also means the employee has access to a range of services under one easy-to-manage platform, even after they have moved. The time you save and the stress you avoid is significant.

Even without the help of a professional relocation services provider, it is important to understand the background and situation of the new employee. Does the employee have a family and/or pet? Do they know the local language and are they familiar with the culture of their new country? Will they be bringing their belongings, or finding a furnished home? Each of these questions will help you predict which challenges may arise during their relocation.

Sample Case Studies

Your employees will be able to choose relocation services that suits their needs. These are a few examples of what these tailored services can look like:


Jürgen received a promotion and is moving within his current company from Germany to the US, where he has spent a lot of time. He is moving with his wife and daughter and will be taking his household goods with him.

Jürgen and his family need services including:

  • visa solutions;
  • international moving and shipping, and potentially storage facilities;
  • help with finding a new home abroad;
  • settling in advice, including a school search, health insurance recommendations, and setting up utilities.


Kate is a freelance worker from the UK, who is beginning a new job in a company in Portugal. She has never been to the country and does not speak Portuguese. She will move with her two dogs and most of her furniture.

Kate’s choice of services includes:

  • international moving and shipping household goods;
  • help with finding a new home that is pet friendly;
  • pet relocation services;
  • connections to international tax advisors and lawyers;
  • language training and advice on local culture.


Camila will move from Spain to manage a new company office in China. A furnished apartment is provided by the company, so she will sell her home in Spain and store her furniture until she is settled. She has no spouse, children, or pets.

Camila will need services including:

  • household goods storage;
  • connections to international finance and tax advisors;
  • translation of documents into Chinese;
  • language and cultural training, before and after departure;
  • settling in services, such as finding a local doctor and dentist.

Relocating? Our Essential Relocation Services Make It Easy.


How Our Relocation Support Services Work

InterNations GO! professional relocation services are tailored to ease the burden on you by giving your employees the personalized support they need. Instead of offering a “one-size-fits-all,” expensive relocation package, we get to know your employee and help them choose the services that will make their move easier. We help you with bigger picture issues, so you can focus on the important details of their relocation


We Help Your Employees GO!

We offer guidance on visa applications, assistance with renting or buying a new home, and find reliable companies to safely ship your employee’s personal items. We do the time-consuming research, so you can focus on your daily tasks without extra worries.


We Ease Your Employee Into their New Country

You focus on the workplace and we look after the rest. Once your employee has arrived in their new home, our settling-in services provide help with necessities including language and cultural training.


We Keep Your Employee’s Life Together

Keep your retention rate high by recommending services that provide your employee and their family with a smooth transition abroad. We provide school search and pet relocation services to help loved ones stay together. Simply recommend InterNations GO! to your employee and ask them to contact us as your company’s expert relocation partner. We will take it from there.


We also have over 500 guides that your employee can access for free, so you spend less time answering commonly asked questions.