Relocation Services for Families: A Guide on Moving Abroad with Your Family

Moving to another country as a family is a complex process. To ensure that it is a positive experience for every member of your family, you should have all your bases covered. From having the right visas, to finding the perfect home abroad, and enrolling your children in the best schools —how can you achieve a successful relocation? Find the answers here.

Successfully uprooting a family is serious business that requires the assistance of international relocation services. Studies show that moving abroad can be a majorly stressful life event. For you and your family to have a positive experience in these new horizons, you will need to take control of your relocation process. In this guide, we cover all the challenges you will face as a family on this journey, and provide practical solutions for all of them.

What are Family Relocations Services?

Moving abroad with your family  is not only an opportunity to further your career, set up your dream business abroad, or accomplish your dream of living in another country, it is also a time for your loved ones to thrive in a new environment.


There are three main stages in the relocation process: pre-departure, the actual moving process, and settling-in. Family relocation services provide assistance from beginning to end. By anticipating all the steps of the relocation process, your journey to your new home can be stress-free, allowing you to enjoy this transition period as a family adventure.

What are the Main Challenges When Moving Abroad With Your Family?


Relocating is time-consuming and hard on family finances. You have shipping costs, import taxes, school application fees, bank transfer fees, and health insurance—and that’s just the beginning. You also have to factor in the time spent researching and managing each process for your family members. This is where expat relocation services save you a lot of hassle, because you will not have to seek out each service separately with no real guarantee of quality. Instead, you can skip the research phase and jump straight to getting things done with expert help.

When it comes to money, the expense of a relocation is more than just shipping your belongings and getting your family members to your new destination. You will have to consider your overall finances.

For country-specific information, read our complete relocation guides with all the relevant information you require on this topic, and all other aspects of moving abroad.


Visas and Immigration

Getting the right visas and documentation for an entire family is a painstaking process. You will need your own visa, work permit, partner visa, and visas for the kids… where to start? And every country has its own hoops to jump through when it comes to paperwork. Just to give you an idea, the US alone has about 70 different types of visa, each with its own application process. You will need to properly research the requirements and see how family visas work at your specific destination. Visa processes are long, time-consuming, and hard on the wallet. Also, be sure to bring all documentation with you, such as banking certificates, medical records, school transcripts, pet vaccination records, insurance documents, and tax records.

For country-specific information, check out our Visas & Work Permits sections in our comprehensive relocation guides. You will find all the information you require on this topic and every other aspect relevant to moving abroad. You can also discuss our Visa Solutions Services with our experts


School Search

If you are planning to move abroad with family, one of your main concerns will be your children’s school and education. You will have to find the best school and/or childcare for them, and this can be difficult. As parents, you must ensure that this transition to a new school goes as smoothly as possible and that you are giving your kids every opportunity to excel in their academic life, and thrive in their social environment.


There is no “one-school-fits-all” formula because the school that is right for your child will depend on your own family set-up, the country’s school system, and your child’s academic history. A multitude of changing factors are involved because every child is different, all families have individual requirements, and each relocation is unique.

However, our local education professionals, who have a network of contacts, are able to evaluate your expectations and assess the specific schooling and social requirements of your child.


Pet Relocation

Relocating to a new country is a huge decision that requires a lot of forethought and planning. Even more so when you have pets. But, if you organize it properly and with your furry friend’s best interests in mind, you will be able to make the relocation smoother for this important member of your family. Bear in mind that an international relocation with pets is not something that can be planned last minute. Some airlines may have restrictions on how they transport pets, and the rules on pet quarantine vary from country to country. For specific information about pet relocation in your destination of choice, check out the Relocation section in our country guides.


Cultural Adaptation

You, your partner, and your children may find it hard to adapt to your new country, and you might experience culture shock for a variety of reasons. For instance, your partner may have enthusiastically supported you when you got your dream new job, but what if it takes them months to find one themselves when they arrive? What if you and your family do not speak the local language? It is not unusual for the initial excitement to wear off and for things you initially considered charming to become a challenge when adapting to a new place.

Studies show that it takes between six months and two years to adapt and feel at home in a new place. This might seem like a long time, but there are many ways in which you can tackle these frustrations. A good idea is to seek out expat communities. For example, you can join InterNations, the largest and most established local community of expats. You will be able to make friends and meet people who have experienced the same process as you.

Moreover, as part of our Family Relocation Services, our team can arrange language training at your new destination and also match you with local culture experts who will introduce you to the etiquette and customs of the country you want to integrate into.



 It can be difficult to find housing in an unfamiliar country, and in a location that is safe and convenient for your family. There is no magic formula to finding the right house, simply because the market for buying or renting a property varies significantly from country to country.

Plus, you will also have your own set of requirements in mind. You may want to consider getting a local relocation expert to help you, as they will know the local market, and the specifics of the neighborhoods. In this way, it will be a lot easier to match your expectations with the right home for you and your family.

Contact our Home Finding team, who work with experts in local housing markets to find the right option for you and your family, according to your needs and budget.

Moving Abroad? We Will Help You Through Every Step.


Which are the Main Services Your Family Will Require?

There are three main stages in the relocation process: pre-departure, the actual moving process, and settling-in. Family relocation services provide assistance from beginning to end.


For a successful relocation project, it is essential to plan ahead. Before departing, you will need to prepare and organize all the necessary paperwork. You will also need to arrange the shipping of your household goods and find suitable short- or long-term accommodation.


Moreover, you will need to ensure you have access to your banking network, know how to navigate the local tax authorities, and decide whether public transportation is right for your family’s needs or if you will require a car.

You will also have to make sure your children are enrolled in school for the beginning of the school year, and that they take language lessons too if necessary.

If you have pets, you will be aware that, as family members, their safe journey and arrival is also fundamental for the entire family’s well-being.


Moreover, you should make sure you understand the healthcare system in your destination and make the necessary arrangements to have adequate health insurance for your entire family.


The list of everything you need to consider for a relocation is long, but do not despair. Our complete relocation services have everything mapped out for you. By anticipating all the steps of the relocation process, your journey to your new home can be stress-free, allowing you to enjoy this transition period as a family adventure. Simply fill out our contact form to speak to our team of expats.


InterNations GO! has a range of services available that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.





  • Travel Arrangements For All The Family
  • Shipping and Storage of Belongings
  • Packing Belongings with Country-Specific Customs Rules in Mind
  • Getting Your Pets to Your New Home Safely



What are the Costs?

The costs of your relocation package will vary depending on the specific services you require and the size of your family. To give you an idea, for an individual, a basic package usually costs around 1,500 USD and comprises fundamental relocation services (home finding, visa solutions, and settling-in). A premium package, which includes the shipment of your personal belongings, can cost around 4,000 USD. To find out how much a family package will cost, please get in touch with our experts, who will assess your specific situation and provide you with a quote.

Examples of Relocation Services for Families

Dan and Anna

Dan and Anna are moving from the US to Germany, where Dan just received a job offer. Dan and Anna are engaged and expecting a baby. They plan to ship all their household goods, but they want to explore Berlin before deciding where to rent a house.

What relocation services do they need?

  • Visa Solutions
  • Moving and Storage
  • Home Finding
  • Language Training

Sam, Elisa, Sam Jr., Mittens, and Buddy

Elisa has been offered a great opportunity working in a start-up in Northern Ireland. Elisa and her family currently reside in Spain. Her husband will need to find a job when they arrive. Sam Jr. is due to start school in three months and does not speak English. They are relocating with their Sphynx cat Mittens and their rescue dog Buddy

What relocation services do they need?

  • Home Finding
  • Language Training
  • Settling-in Services
  • Moving and Storage
  • School Finding
  • Pet Relocation

Caesar, Susana, Elliot, and Diane.

Caesar, Susana, and their kids live in the UK. They are planning to move to the Algarve in Portugal and start a business. Elliot and Diane are four and 16 years old respectively. Elliot will need to be enrolled in preschool and Diane will need the right school to finish her secondary education.

What relocation services do they need?

  • Moving and Storage
  • Home Finding
  • School Search
  • Language Training

Relocating? Our Essential Relocation Services Make It Easy.


Why Choose Family Relocation Services When Moving Abroad?

Whether you are a seasoned nomad, or this is your first relocation, moving abroad is never easy, especially if you are bringing your family with you. It is a lot of responsibility to take on!


At InterNationsGO!, our relocation experts are expats themselves, and they have first-hand knowledge of what you will be facing. We start by assessing your needs and creating a customized family relocation package. We also offer a one-hour consultation call service, should you be interested in discussing your family’s needs with one of our seasoned expats.

How Does It Work?

Every relocation is different, and every family has unique needs, expectations, and requirements. We do not have a one-package-fits-all kind of service. We are aware that the key to a successful move abroad for a family requires the assessment of each family’s needs. For this reason, our relocation experts will craft a relocation package specifically catered to your family and we will assist you through every stage. This way, you will not have to research and hire each service individually. Instead, you will have everything in one location,overseen by our in-house expats. Get in touch now and discover how InterNations GO! can help you with all aspects of your upcoming family adventure.

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