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Expat Survey: need your opinions! (Goiania)


Dear Expats,

I hope you are all doing welll! My name is Andrea Vilela Araujo, and I am a Canadian expat living in Brazil. I am currently working on my PhD in Social Psychology at the university PUC-Goiás, in Brazil, and my thesis focuses on creating a system to evaluate acculturation in expats, universally. The reason I am writing you, is to ask for your participation in filling out Protected content survey for expats in Brazil. The study has already been approved by my university's Ethics Committee, and all information provided will be kept confidential and not shared. There will be a draw for participants to win a $50 iTunes gift card as well!

The link to the survey (the Integral Acculturation Index) is:
Protected content

For more information about the study, the participants can join the closed group on Facebook:
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Your participation will help significantly in reaching the number of participants needed for this research to be statistically valid, and reliable.

Some information about my project follows:

This research project, which is being conducted at the university PUC-Goiás in Goiânia, Brazil, intends to provide an in-depth look at the process of acculturation and its multifaceted effects on immigrants from various cultures, and introduces a proposed universal scale for measuring acculturation: the Integral Acculturation Index (IAI).

To measure acculturative change is of significance, because the last decade of the 20th century saw a rapid rise in international migration throughout the world. Changing demographics, often in dramatic ways due to war or natural disaster, require attention in order to best meet the needs of often large groups of people. Without assistance, many immigrants, especially under emergency circumstances, can be left vulnerable to suffer situations of poverty, lack of personal safety, and potentially life-threatening health concerns. These types of problems unaddressed take a toll on an unprepared country, clearly, but even in non-emergency situations, changes in demographics can be challenging. By knowing what immigrants are needing most, and how they are adjusting to their new homes, we can learn how better to accommodate their needs in an integral way, and create a better balance in the lives of millions of people across Brazil, and the world at large.

The inventory IAI is intended to become the leading model for testing acculturation in a universal sense, and provide cross-cultural comparisons . The results of this project also aim to find integral and sustainable solutions that are often provided by charitable or philanthropic resources in times of emergency. This will assist new immigrants to settle in their new homes and begin a promising new life, while remaining integrated with important parts of their past lives and lifestyles.

The IAI questionnaire will be filled out online, through a link that will be distributed to the participants who are signed up on the Facebook closed group. Participation is voluntary. All data collected will be dealt with in a confidential manner, and presented anonymously, to respect participants' privacy.

Thank you for your time, and support. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,
Andrea Vilela Araujo

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