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UFG Gay Rights Leader Murdered in Recife (Goiania)

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November 19, Protected content

Last Sunday, November 18th, the course coordinator of Journalism Facomb / UFG issued a statement of condolences to the press, students, teachers and officials on the death of UFG journalist Luke Fortuna, a former student of UFG, a soldier in the gay cause who "fought intolerance and violence through peaceful actions and brilliant oratory", founder of Colcha de Retalhos da UFG (Quilt UFG). Below is the note by Professor Ferraz de Juarez Maia, course coordinator of Journalism, and the text of Professor Rosana Borges, on the former student:
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Faculty, alumni, students:

Last night, November 18, the young Lucas Fortuna, former Graduate student of Journalism at UFG, was murdered on a beach in Recife - Pernambuco. Lucas was there as part of the Goiana Volleyball Federation, where he was a judge. His body was found this morning by some colleagues who, after noting hi disappearance from the hotel where they were staying, began a search. They found Luke's body on a beach near the hotel with signs of violence and blood.

In a message sent via e-mail, teacher Angelita Lima, writes: I personally am deeply shaken. Lucas was my right hand while I was the course coordinator, and was responsible for great achievements and victories in the journalism course. Brilliant, intelligent and active. He was a great social leader of the student movement. He was always very precocious in everything. I believe he was happy.

It appears that this is a homophobic hate crime. Lucas Fortuna was a militant gay rights activist, fighting intolerance and violence through peaceful actions and brilliant oratory. For years, he was one of the organizers of the Gay Parade in Goiania.

Luke's father, Mr. Avelino (Pardal) left this afternoon to address the government of Recife to ultimately bring the remains of his son home sooner, to perform his funeral among family and friends in Goiania.

A brotherly hug to everyone

Prof. Ferraz de Juarez Maia
Coordinatior of Journalism
Facomb - UFG

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