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Spanish and wine (Spanish classes) (Gold Coast)

Hello everybody! How are you today?

I am Daniel, some of you know me from the last meeting. I am a Spanish teacher and I would like to know if there are some people interested in attending Spanish classes but with a different method.

The concept is "Spanish and wine". Why? Because a glass of wine improve your ability to speak other languages. It is scientifically proven! (more information here: Protected content … ). But only one, don't be a party animal or you won't remember anything next day! ;)

Of course, these are classes, not a simple meeting. We will have a method, and we will follow it. You will see results quicker than you imagined! There won't be more than 12 people per class, so we will be able to individualize the learning process.

Our class structure:

1. We will go over a topic and discover it, all together, students and teacher(s). You can propose topics of your interest before the class!

2. We will divide the class in groups and... Time for wine! We will have a little chat with the rest of the classmates of our groups, with a glass of wine (of course there will be a non-alcoholic option) and the guidance of the tutor. Some materials will be provided to drive your chat in a right direction.

3. Time for sharing! We will share with the rest of the groups our results. Is time to see what happened in the other groups!

4. Writing is practicing. But wait... Writing?! After a glass of wine?! Calm down! You will take a piece of paper from us with instructions for writing a text, and you will hand us your text once finished through email. Easy! Isn't it? Of course, this step is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We will give you back the text commented and corrected.

We will set a group in Gold Coast as soon as we have five people attending our classes. The place will be in central Brisbane, the price very reasonable and everything will be provided by us, the organizers. Only come, enjoy and learn!

Spanish is a growing language, so don't miss the opportunity of learning it! ;)

Hope to see you soon. Please, write any question in the thread and I'll answer it.

Best wishes!

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