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Working in Gold Coast

With its mix of larger industry and small business opportunities, plus its forward-thinking outlook, Gold Coast has long been an attractive location for expats. Get some useful tips and information about the local economy and job market, as well as taxation, with this guide!

The Local Economy

Gold Coast city is one of the fastest growing in Australia and the economy is built on tourism. Around 10 million people visit the area each year and, with 100,000 hectares of nature reserve, 500 restaurants, 40 golf courses and five major theme parks in the city, the tourism and services sector is a major jobs provider for people working in Gold Coast.

Other industries include marine, education, information communication and technology, food, sports, and environment industries. The film industry is also an important contributor to the local economy. Warner Brothers have studios located at Oxenford on the outskirts of the city, and the Gold Coast coastline is a popular film location for Bollywood films.

Job Hunting in Gold Coast

Because two of the main types of visas are the Employer Nomination Scheme and Skilled Independent Migration, it is likely that you already have a job transfer through your current employer, or have a new job lined up.

If not, national newspapers such as The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald regularly publish job listings and advertisements. Local newspapers and niche publications are also worth a look, such as the Gold Coast Bulletin, the city’s daily newspaper.

Searching online can be the easiest method of looking for work. Try Seek or adzuna. There are many recruitment agencies too, which can be worth signing up with.

Income Taxation in Gold Coast

The income taxation rates for Australian residents are as follows:

  • 0 to 18,200 AUD — 0%
  • 18,201 AUD to 37,000 AUD — 19% for income over 18,200 AUD
  • 37,001 AUD to 80,000 AUD — 3,572 AUD + 32.5% for income over 37,000 AUD
  • 80,001 AUD to 180,000 AUD — 17,547 AUD + 37% for income over 80,000 AUD
  • 180,001 AUD and over — 54,547 AUD + 45% for income over 180,000 AUD

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