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Apply for the Mitt Liv's mentoring programme! (Gothenburg)

Apply for the Mitt Liv's mentoring programme!
Mitt Liv is a social enterprise.Our objective is to increase diversity and inclusion in the Swedish labour market. The core of our business currently centres on Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program.
This unique program/course aims to bridge the gap between qualified people of foreign background and the Swedish labour market. Based on our belief that integration is based on both parties meeting halfway, Mitt Liv Chans provides a competence development opportunity for both our mentors and our mentees.
We have now begun recruiting mentees for the mentoring programme Mitt Livs Chans Protected content .
You can submit your application through a simple form on our website Protected content .
Please note that both the website and application form is in Swedish.
The mentoring programme is completely free of charge.

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