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Children language (Spanish or French) (Gothenburg)

My children are in urgent need to meet other same age, same origin language.
They are 8 and 5:
The elder one manages to speak and read Spanish and French.
The younger has now only passive understanding of both with little active use.
Both have nearly completely lost they skills in Catalan language (language local to northwest side of Spain).
The good side is that their competencies in Swedish are pretty good.

We used th one-person/one-language principle which worked well until we moved to Sweden, where the mother language became also the main communication vehicle and I had to switch to a bi-lingual communication.
I give them weekly lessons but this is not enough. Hemspråk at the school is just a little plus but also not enough.

=> My goal is to find other children with similar needs (in French or Spanish) and organise 1 monthly common activity where the children would find natural to use their original languages with peers.

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