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Chinese accountant looking for a job in Sweden (Gothenburg)

I'm writing this on behalf of a close friend of mine. She's Chinese and currently works in Guangzhou as an accountant. She has a junior college degree and while working she is also pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting from Jinan University. Other than that she speaks quite good English and more than her mother tongue Mandarin she is also fluent in Cantonese and Xiang Chinese. Due to some recent developments in her personal life she wants to move to Europe, and Sweden in particular.

The question is, how should she move to Sweden. We've been thinking that she could get a job here and then get a work permit, and that's the main purpose of this thread. How does the job market look for an accountant with her qualifications in Sweden?

She will learn Swedish, starting next summer. It should be noted that a job in Europe has a higher priority for her than finishing the degree at Jinan. She will continue her accounting studies in Europe if she can get a job.

It should also be noted that it doesn't have to be an accountant job. She is interested of every position she is eligible for.

The reason I'm writing and not her is that she is a bit short of time.

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